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3 Ways To Style A Summer Dress In The Spring

I love a good summer dress, and if the sun is shining and the day is hot, they make a great outfit on their own. But for the days before the heat is scorching, there are many other ways to wear a summer dress and layer the look for the season.

I’m going to show you 3 easy ways to layer and style a summer dress in the spring. Throw on some jewelry, a cute pair of shoes, a hat and you’re good to go!

Here are 3 easy ways to transition a summer dress in the spring.


The first outfit is a great day-to-day look. This is perfect for running around when the weather is cool in the early or late day. Adding a denim jacket to grab on your way out the door, is one of the most versatile options, to pair with practically any summer dress in your wardrobe.

A great denim jacket is a staple in any wardrobe. Always easy to layer over your base outfit in the transitional weather.


If I don’t throw a denim jacket on with a summer dress, a cozy cardigan is for sure the next way I’m going to style my outfit. Easy, cozy and simple for layering, you can change up your look in a second by throwing this type of layer on. And of course it’s super easy to remove if the day warms up too!

A cardigan gives you a great chance to add texture and dimension to the outfit, by placing a knit texture in the look. This adds interest immediately, by giving the eye another element to look at.

You could choose a nice, light weight cardigan, with an open knit for a very breezy layer. Or go heavier weight if you’re trying to get a little bit of a longer season out of your summer dress.

By pairing this look with a bootie, you immediately elevate the look. The heel, even if it’s little, changes the look up to more than just casual. This is a great idea if you’re on your way to a lunch date, meeting, or work, where you need to elevate the look just enough past casual.


Zink Made Crewneck Weekend Vibes sweater in grey, cotton, summer dress, Katie Zink Xo Blog

A super casual and cute way to style a summer dress in the spring is by layering it with a sweatshirt and sneakers.

This grey sweater pairs well with the over all tone-on-tone look I was going for here, and creates a nice cozy vibe. To keep the outfit and shape from becoming too heavy, I tucked the waistband of the sweater up higher at my natural waistline and let it fold over. This keeps the waist a bit higher and more flattering than the gathering at my hips with this shape of dress.

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This would also look great with a solid colour sweatshirt, and even some black sneakers. Layered with some gold coin necklaces, you can easily change up this look and style depending on the prints and colours you pair it with.

And by pairing it with sneakers, it keeps the whole look super casual. You could also play around with the type of sweater you layer over your dress, a bolder graphic or even a solid colour would give you a variety in the look too.


I hope you loved these 3 easy ways to style a summer dress in the spring and it gives you some wardrobe inspo!

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