If you’re looking to spice up your style this season, here are 3 styles of pants to try in your outfit making. These different cuts, styles and materials will add interest to your outfits, and give you some versatility to what you’re pairing together. Gone are the days of skinny pants on rotation every day (or at all, sorry to say it), and there is so much variety in what is available for bottoms right now, here are a sample of different styles you may want to be considering. And as always, if you want to find what really works best for you, your style personality and your body shape, I’d love to help you inside one of my Personal Styling Sessions. 

As with every season, there are going to be some styles and trends that are and are not for you. As I always suggest to clients, go with what suits your body shape and style personality, and don’t forget that trying new things (not all things, but those that fit your personality) keeps your style exciting and fun. 


The wide leg pant style is here to stay, and if you’ve been thinking about trying this cut, or wanting to add more to your closet, here are a few styles to try. The wide leg cut is great for a number of body shapes, and adds a new look to the silhouette of your outfit. If this is your first time trying this style, I’d suggest you go for a pair in your preferred wash, and opt for a pair that have little to no distressing. Keeping the wash and texture classic and clean, will help this style be more versatile and approachable in your wardrobe. 


This is a style that has been around for a few seasons and is here to stay. Adding a pair of faux leather pants to your closet adds a ton of personality and interest in your outfits, making your style personality shine. If you’re a Dramatic or Romantic style personality, these pants were made for your wardrobe. And if you’re a little more classic or casual, these make a perfect statement look for a night out or special occasion. Adding texture to your outfit and mixing up materials is an amazing way to add interest to your look. Try these pants in a cut and shape that work best for your body shape, be it an ankle cut, straight leg or even a wide leg. 


Coming back strong into the mix is the flare. Though this feels like a major throwback, this pant style is making a space in current fashion. If this style fits your body shape and personality, they are an amazing pair of pants to add to your rotation. And there are a ton of ways to try them, from denim, classic black, ankle cropped flare, to faux leather and beyond. I’d suggest you try something that you’re comfortable wearing in your current style. Say you’re a casual denim wearer, go with a denim pair, or if you wear a lot of black pants say in your workwear, try some moderate black flares. 


I hope you got some wardrobe inspiration with these styles of pants to try out this season! Trying new wardrobe items are a great way to experiment in your style and find what you love. And if you want help elevating your personal style, I’d love to work together and take your style to the next level!


If you’re looking for a couple of great classic wardrobe staples to add to your fall closet, here are a couple of classic fall wardrobe finds.


The classic button up is a wardrobe essential, and this black satin one is the perfect addition to your closet. Whether you have one or a few button ups already, this fall wardrobe find is a staple item in most closets, perfect to pair with casual to elevated outfits. The silky look of this shirt will add texture and interest to your outfit, and the satin adds a beautiful draped look. If you don’t already have a flowy black button up in your wardrobe, I suggest making this addition. 


Another piece to add to your wardrobe this fall is a pair of cream denim. Gone are the days of not wearing light coloured pants after the summer time. These cream jeans are a great classic fall wardrobe find to your closet. Perfect to mix up the rotation of your denim looks, the cream colour adds a totally different tone to your look. These are also the perfect bottom piece for a monochromatic cream look, which is super luxe for fall and winter paired with a cream knit top. 

I hope these fall wardrobe finds help you with some fall inspiration.

Follow along for more wardrobe staples to add to your closet this coming season! I’ve got a Wardrobe Staples series coming to the blog this fall and winter, that will help you find great pieces to add to your closet and get some wardrobe inspiration. And if you’re looking to up level your style, hop into one of my Styling Services, I’d love to work with you!

And make sure to check my LTK for more wardrobe staples or head over here to find more.