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5 Quick And Easy Ways To Style A Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are a staple piece in every wardrobe. From casual wear on the weekends with some leggings, to a more elevated look like jeans and a blazer, graphic tees are one of the most versatile pieces in your closet. Our go-to outfits for graphic tees usually stay on the super casual side, but this piece is actually way more versatile than that.

Here are 5 different ways to style a graphic tee.

Smart Casual For An Everyday Elevated Look

For an elevated smart casual look the graphic tee is paired with black jeans, a long line cardigan for a layering piece, and accessorized with some mules and a hat. Since a graphic tee is classically more of a casual piece, the black pants help elevated the look, more than jeans would. The longline cardigan layering piece gives a great visual element to the look by pulling the eye up and down. And the shoes and hat add interest to the outfit. Accessories always give you the chance to show off your personality.

An Everyday Classic Casual Look

This outfit with the graphic tee paired with jeans and sneakers is a great everyday casual look. This is for sure a common type of outfit for a graphic tee. The finishing touches of the ‘third piece’/layering piece tied around the waist adds a casual, yet intentionally pulled together element to the look. The easiest way to make a tee & jeans look more pulled together and finished is to accessorize. Here the classic sneakers, the layered third piece, and some simple jewelry do that.

An Elevated Casual Look

A great way to instantly elevate the casual-ness of a graphic tee outfit is to pair the look with an elevated piece. Here I’ve paired the tee with some dressier paper-bag pants to bring the look up a level. The accessories also add to the overall vibe by __.

A Warm Weather Elevated Casual Look

An amazing way to up-level a graphic tee and shorts look is to add an interesting or bold third piece and accessories. The black on black base outfit (the tee and shorts) gives a great monochromatic base look. That is always a great, polished start at a classic elevated outfit. Adding the flowy kimono third piece and some sophisticated accessories keeps the look from staying on the casual side. This is another great example of adding some great, intentional third pieces and accessories to complete an outfit.

A Casual Look

Perfect for the weekend or casual day running errands. This look of a graphic tee paired with some faux leather leggings, a sweater and sneakers is a great casual outfit. The tee paired with leggings is totally a default basic look, but the texture of the leggings, the element of the sweater tied around the waist and the classic white sneakers, bring the whole outfit together. Don’t be afraid to add in a little personality in patterns or textures within your look. It adds interest and makes the outfit more authentic to your style!

Wrap Up

The 2 biggest tips I have for creating a variety of looks with a graphic tee shirt as your outfit staring point are:

1) Remember that you can pair it with such a huge variety of bottoms or third pieces from your wardrobe to create such a variety of looks for your different lifestyle needs.


2) Accessories can totally change, elevate and complete your look!